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Rapid industrial door have heat preservation, cold, and protection from insects, wind, dust, sound insulation, fire prevention, prevent peculiar smell, daylighting, sealing, can withstand wind pressure, guard against theft, low noise, fast and open the frequency is high, safety performance is good and so on the many kinds of function. Can be widely used in electronics, machinery, chemical, textile, freeze, printing, food, automobile assembly, supermarkets, logistics storage and so on the many kinds of industry air conditioning workshop and clean workshop. For rapid industrial door safety performance you understand? The following is the introduction of industrial door safety performance: 1. The doorframe below are infrared induction unit (people, vehicles passed door not falling) 2. Door curtain bottom pressure sensors, door when falling force 2 kilograms and automatic rise. 3. But according to wind size installation to be automatic derail system (impacted automatically stop, door return) 4. Control system using low pressure safety power supply, earthing terminal connection must provide special ground. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, we would like to be your best partners, the most sincere friend! We eagerly look forward to cooperating with you!