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Everyone in the choice industrial door have their own opinions, industrial door choice three principle is you must follow, here small make up is a brief introduction of: (1) the practical principle so-called practical, refers to equipment industrial door wants to be able to satisfy the logistics operation actual need. These industrial door has many types, specifications, the function, and each industrial door applicability and price is different, from the practical Angle configuration, is to meet performance and has taken into consideration both for the user to save investment. A good solution, must first is the most suitable for the needs of users and accord with the use of user situation. (2) the principle of integrity integrity is in industrial door configuration to system considering the whole logistics chain process, in the industrial door model, quantity, control reasonable setting, in order to not leave any bottleneck. Because a efficient logistics process, each link all have direct and indirect connection. Industrial door is not just a simple single switch of subsidiary facilities, its speed, impermeability, service life, safety, reliability, maintenance convenience, operation cost, noise effect, and so on all is affects a logistics process and environmental factors, and industrial door can meet the needs of the whole logistics process, and logistics process and other related logistics equipment closely related. (3) the primary principles prospective refers to the equipment configuration for potential through put and industry development trend. We will, as always, for the majority of users to provide more exquisite products and higher quality service, creating together a glorious future and efforts to forge ahead!