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We are rolling door, fast high speed rolling door, stainless steel free door, transparent soft door, metal flat open the door professional manufacturers. Here introduce industrial door the choose and buy of note: 1. The surface film industry to smooth, bright, no flow drop, bubble, wrinkles and other defects, no corrosion point, loose knot, broken residual; BaoMen use wood window should be with the Windows and doors fan wood, color coordination, veneer and wooden line color difference can't big, tree species should be the same. 2. Industrial door knob to position accurately, installation is firm: if industrial gate hinges are not, will cause the doors and Windows fan and box set of doesn't agree with, door window switch not smooth. But will every hinge first unscrewing a screw, then adjust door fan and casing of goodness of fit, adjust and repair to tighten all bolts. I hope for your help, we sincerely hope that with your cooperation!