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The company is rolling door, fast high speed rolling door, stainless steel free door, transparent soft door, metal flat open the door professional manufacturers. Small make up here introduce industrial gate five characteristics: 1, safety: industrial gate door plank thick, equipped with fall prevention bludgon into device, equipped with micro gas type airbags protection device, can choose various locks, safe and reliable. 2, thermal insulation sound insulation performance, good thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. With the heating costs rise, applicable from the demanding situation, can effectively reduce the heating cost. 3, noise: design reasonable orbit and the international first-class quality pulley, industrial door to help you achieve mute open-close. 4, air tightness: industrial big door plank bottom assembly soft plastic sealing strip, so that guarantee industry big door and ground seal; The other three surface also USES flexible plastic sealing strip assembly seal. 5, the wind resistance: industrial big door for polyurethane sandwich board, wind superior performance. When industrial big door reaches a certain width, through adding reinforcement to ensure that its strength. Above is industrial door characteristic introduction, want to learn more, please contact us!