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Agha industrial co., LTD is a door, fast high speed rolling door, stainless steel free door, transparent soft door, metal flat open the door professional manufacturers, here introduce industrial door motor installation: 1. The installation industrial door motor must have professional operation, before the installation, please open or dismantle all industrial door lock. 2. Industrial door machine installation, commissioning in former please first will cover dismounting, put oil on the cover of the exhaust screw removed to prevent oil pressure is too strong, occurrence accident. 3. Industrial door machine continuous time should not exceed 10 minutes. Otherwise, will cause the oil temperature is too high and overflow. 4. Close in the open, it is strictly prohibited to pedestrians and vehicles through. 5. Maintenance or open the lid, please before cut off power supply, only professionals to allow open lid. 6. Industrial doors equipped with wicket, according to safety standards, be sure to add small lock stop switch, and the wicket switch with soft line connected with electric cabinet. We will be with the high quality quality sincerely cooperation with friends in all circles!