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To give full play to and use of the advantages of industrial doors, prolong the service life of industrial door, in use process, also should pay attention to industrial door maintenance and maintenance, small make up here introduce industrial door daily maintenance: 1, should be regularly to industrial door of dust cleaning, keep industrial door and glass, metal pieces clean and bright. 2, if industrial door polluted oil stain and it is difficult to clean things, can use the detergent scrub, had better not use strong acid or alkali cleaning solution, which is not only easy to make profile surface finish is damaged, will also destroy the hardware surface protective film and oxide layer and cause hardware corrosion, especially some customers in the use of sulfuric acid cleaning metope, must be careful not to let the doors and Windows contaminated. 3, should be clear in time frame medial granular etc sundry, lest its jam drainage channel and cause poor drainage and slack phenomenon. 4, in open industrial door, the force should be moderate, try to keep opening and closing speed uniform. 5, try to avoid using hard object impact industrial door or scratch the surface profiles. 6, the discovery of industrial door in the use process have open not flexible or other abnormal situation, should be timely find the reason, if the customer can't debugging, and industrial door manufacturer and supplier contact, so that failure can be promptly eliminate. Above is industrial door daily maintenance introduction, we sincerely hope that with your cooperation!