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Excellent products, reasonable price, thoughtful and meticulous service laid the Europe division door industry development, small make up here introduce industrial door installation: 1, the supplier shall industrial door shipment to the buyer's installation site, the buyer shall provide installation and reliable warehouse storage, key to the supplier engineer custody. 2, the installation process, industrial door fittings of a complete set of the installation technician and technical engineering people responsible for the care and custody. 3, each door or window frame industrial door installation ends, the installation engineer after inspection and acceptance locked, and the installation engineers take open the door key unified custody. 4, installation is completed, the buyer and the supplier common acceptance, upon the acceptance of the supplier shall key and nursing responsibility over the buyer, acceptance before the finished product door nursing responsibility undertake by the supplier. 5, during the whole installation process, the buyer shall assist the supplier to maintain order, to avoid other construction team for construction made by accident or artificial damage. Above is industrial door installation is introduced, the family door industry and all the friends willing to develop together, and write a new chapter.