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Industry sliding(translational) doorAG-F07

 Industry translational door:

1.  Material: High quality galvanized steel.
2.  Inner layer: Environmental friendly polyurethane.
3.  Thickness of the door panel: 40mm or according to our customer¡¯s requirements.

4.  Color: white, ivory, brown, wooden color and so on.
5.  Multiple opening mode: manual, electric, remote-controlled operation.
6.  Hand protect door panel, which is one of our company¡¯s patent.
7.  Safety, durable, waterproof, windproof, rust and crack resistance.

8.  Environmental friendly polyurethane for the use of heat-preservation and sound-insulation.
9.  A strengthened steel bar is in the door panel for install hinge.
10.  Infrared protection device is optional.

11.  Beautiful windows and small door is optional.