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Automatic rolling doorAG_I09

Agha provides manual or electric volume curtain gate, including inorganic cloth roll curtain doors, mesh volume curtain gate, aluminum shutter doors, crystal shutter doors, stainless steel roll curtain doors, color steel plate volume curtain gate, ordinary volume curtain gate, wind volume curtain door, fire shutter doors, fast shutter doors, electric O-type (statictone) shutter doors, there are two switches in the form of on the volume or the side volume, apply to commercial shops, garages, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines and other public places or residential. Especially in larger openings, inconvenient place to install the ground door to play a convenient, fast and open role, such as shopping malls fire shutter doors, Hangar.

Features:     Anti-theft security.    Can choose, according to the different characteristics of the building interior, exterior, installed with three different installation methods, after opening the shutter winding at the top of the door, save the garage interior space, and not mud, rain, snow, and other miscellaneous material into the garage, beautiful appearance fashion.