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Crystal rolling door AG-D01

Transparent shutter also called crystal rolling door, roller shutter. Become the latest substitutes traditional rolling door, with its novel design and superior quality the designer and the user's appreciation. In foreign commercial blocks widely used. Crystal shutter is to use polycarbonate (PC bulletproof glue) manufacture, has transparent, guard against theft, resist rain dust, effect, become the latest substitutes traditional rolling door, using it to decorate a shop, shop Windows can make your goods are 24 hours of advertising effect, give full of beautiful things in eyes of goods, from inside to outside pleasing to the eye, make the shop all show gorgeous, is that the Banks, telecommunications, subway station, fashion boutique shops and villa balcony and the pursuit of security, elegance, fashion style place of the ideal choice.
1.Door panel material: high quality imported transparent PC (polycarbonate)
2.Door track: Aluminun alloy or stainless steel.
3.Funtions: Transparent, anti-theft, waterproof, dustproof,  sound insulation, uv protection
4.Open way: manual or automatic(remote control), include safety protection system£¬ running speed. 0.2-0.3m/s
5.Application scope: the best choice for bank,subway station,fashion high-quality goods stores,villa balcony,it`s 
safe¡¢elegant and fashionable.